New Releases For CAB 2018

You wait half the year for a bus, then six come along at once!

We’ll be at Short Run in Seattle, CAB in New York, and the Chicago Art Book Fair in Chicago this November with a swathe of new releases, including the long-anticipated, mostly-collected Windowpane by Joe Kessler, Outdoors by Yokoyama Yuichi designed by frenetic Frenchie Jean-Philippe Bretin, a new encounter with the Michelin Man in Liam Cobb’s The Inspector, the entirely unanticipated but extremely flavoursome Ivor Magazine 1 from Richard Short and Joe Kessler, and finally a pair of gelatinous cubes from the body-horror bod Jon Chandler, Wet Shape in the Dark and John’s Worth 4.

You can pre-order all six titles from our online store now, or pick them up in person at one of the fests listed above.