After many weeks of transit, Dôme is finally in the building!

Dôme is a comics anthology made as a collaboration between Lagon and Breakdown Press as part of the 2016 FIBD d'Angoulême  with the sponsorship of Risograph. All 500 copies of the 40 page, 280 x 335 mm book were printed and finished at the festival with the help of all the artists, but especially Alexis Beauclair, Sammy Stein and Joe Kessler. The book contains work by Lando, Amanda Baeza, Simon Hanselmann, Jeremy Perrodeau, Bettina Henni, Sammy Stein, Dash Shaw, Hugo Ruyant, Antoine Cosse, Michael DeForge, Zoe Taylor, Amandine Meyer, Olivier Schrauwen, Alexis Beauclair, Jean-Philippe Bretin, Joe Kessler and Richard Short.

As we have very limited copies of Dôme, having sold most of them at the festival itself and Lagon’s subsequent launch party in Paris, we’ve decided that our copies of the book will only be available at comics shows we’ll be attending, while stocks last. This means we should have copies at the upcoming Millionaires’ Club in Leipzig, TCAF in Toronto, ELCAF in London, Safari Festival in London, and possibly several more in between.

You can read a review of Dôme at Just Indie Comics.