BDP 2K13: Part 2

So after CAB we came home and went to Thought Bubble, but we didn’t take any photos… Thanks to Oliver East and Gareth Brookes though for championing us all weekend and thanks to everyone that bought the books at Thought Bubble!

Then shortly after we got back it was on to our London launch party at Gosh!


Joe drew on the window.


We had prints and art from Windowpane 2 and J.1137 on the walls.


Joe and Antoine signed.


The masses were appeased.


Then we went to the pub and good time was had by all.


Here’s Joe with Lando of Decadence Comics, whose collected works are being published by ourselves as Gardens of Glass next year.

Thanks again to everyone who came to visit us at CAB, Thought Bubble and Gosh! and thanks for all the kindness and support we’ve received this year! We have tons more stuff coming out in 2014, so keep yr eyes peeled.

Simon & Tom