New Release Bonanza

We have a veritable bonanza of new releases coming this August for Safari Festival 2017!

Good News Bible: The Complete Deadline Strips of Shaky Kane finally collects all of the inimitable Shaky Kane's work for Deadline magazine from the late '80s and early '90s, along with extensive annotations and essays.

Showtime is the new graphic novel from Antoine Cossé, charting the career of the mysterious "M", the world's most famous magician, and his last and greatest trick.

Berserker 1 is a new anthology of contemporary science fiction comics from some of the genre's most compelling practitioners, alongside essays and interviews with the likes of Robert Beatty (who's also supplied the cosmic cover).

Conditioner is Liam Cobb's follow up to his 2016 ELCAF Audience award winning Shampoo, made up of a series of surreal shorts.

Klaus Magazine 3 is the latest Klaus Kompendium from Richard Short, containing the epic story “It's A Lush Life, Klaus” and a raft of new material, including guest bits from Brie Moreno, Anna Haifisch, Lando and many more.

John's Worth 3 is the new instalment of Jon Chandler's Cronenbergian scorched-earth sex-nightmare.

All six books will be available at Safari Festival on August 12th, and can be pre-ordered now at our online store.